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Some men see things as they are and say “why”. I dream things that never were and say “why not” – Robert Kenedy.

George Bernerd Shaw says a reasonable man tend to Adapt his environment to himself while the unreasonable man tend to adapt himself to his environment. Therefore all success belongs to the unreasonable man.

Since the demise of these great people of our time, we have not listen enough, we go ahead to transact business of some kind without the technical know how and the learning curve. This then take a longer time than we anticipate.

To be successful in life, we need to learn not to do what we have been taught to do sometimes, because many things we learn as being obvious in school becomes less obvious when we start studying the universe.

I can remember vividly during undergraduate days in university. There are many programs to cover in the curriculum. This was later broken down to syllabus and scheme of work for easy assimilation. A lot of theories were discharge excellently within the four walls of tertiary institution.

But how many of the subjects are we applying now?

Truly, knowledge is power but applied knowledge is powerful – often the best.

If you want to be rich and wealthy, you need to have an open mind, a flexible reality and skills to turn new ideas into real and profitable ventures because in school there is only one right answer but in real life, there are more than one right answer. You just have to find it by learning.

Doing business should not be hard but not having the right knowledge is the problem. Things aren’t different between the rich, the poor and the middle class. They are exactly opposite because they are operating in different reality of life.

However, there are two types of problem everyone encounter in life;

  • Not enough money

  • Too much money.

If you know how to build business and invest money, you can make so much money that your problem will be too much money.

The only real creators of wealth in our society are businesses. Business produces all products and services. It creates all profits and wealth. It pays all salaries and benefits. The health of business community in any state or nation is the key determinant of the quality of life and standard of living of the people in that country.

There are many legal shortcut to succeed in business but I have tried and scrutinized the best forms out for your readership.

Tools for Wealth

  1. Max Theory of Surplus value:

The less financially intelligence you are, the more money it takes to make a little money. If you are financially intelligent, it doesn’t take money to make a lot of money. There is not much you need to know to be successful financially. Once you know the parable of business and you follow the laws that bind it; the sky is always the limit. The best investment you can ever do is investment in your own business. Remember you need your mind to mind your own business.

One of the reasons the rich get richer is because once you know that the formula to get rich is to continually expand your reality by learning more, then getting money becomes easier and easier.

Max Theory of surplus value states that All workers produce what we called EXCESS VALUE. And this excess value is appropriated by the capitalist that employ them. This is in turn saying every employee must produce four times of their salary. If for instance, you are collecting N100,000 every month from your employer, what it means is that you must have done a job worth N400,000 for him or the organization. Anything less is not acceptable.

He further clarify that what we know as PROFIT is the name given to EXCESS VALUE stolen from the workers.

From this we can deduce that it is foolish to work for someone else all the days of our life because you can never get rich that way. It is always wise to become self-employed Early in life except in your rapt learning stage.

We collect salary based on two reasons; to have a seed to sow, and to have and experience to deploy. If you are working for someone currently, it is an opportunity for you to get the needed knowledge and you go away with all the knowledge to start your own business when you have amassed reserve.

NET VALUE: Max called this the best use of your time, you do this by employing many excess value creator as possible. This is otherwise called other people’s effort. As soon as you become self-employed, you employ people and leverage them.

Your job is simple.

* Train them                   * Motivate them to produce optimum result.

* Coach them

* You must make sure that all the excess value gotten from others must come to you and nobody else.

For instance, if you are in confectionery business and you specialize in Meat pie production. There is little you can do by yourself for yourself. If you sell 100 pieces of meat-pie in a day, each one is sold at N50. That means N50 x 100 which is N5000 in a day.

Cost of production per 1 may be N20, that means N30 profit on each one.

The total profit will be N30 x 100 = N3,000 i.e

Profit = Revenue – Cost

N3000 = N5000 – N2000

In order to take advantage of max theory, you can appropriate Net value creators by simply employing people to hawk it around. That means you are buying their time in exchange of money.

Assuming you employ 2 people and you give them N10 on each pie with target in mind that they must sell at least 100 in a day.

The cost of production = N2000

Employee’s wage = N10 x 100 = N1000

Total cost = N3000

Profit will them be: Revenue – cost = Profit N5000 – N3000 = N2000.

On each employee, you can be gaining N2000 each.

If you employ like 10 people into the business, that means

N2000 x 10ppl =  #20,000 profit in 1 day.

You can reward the hardworking people more as time goes on to create an healthy rivalry among them as some will reach target before the stipulated time.

Examples of such people that have used it to their advantage

  • Fan Milk plc – You know that right

  • Plantain chips sellers

  • Cruncl

  • Crunchy sellers

  • Potato chips sellers

  • Popcorn sellers e.t.c.

The person that hawk popcorn & groundnut & his counterpart that package it in small cellophane bag and employ people to sell it are not comparable. You can now see that doing business should not be hard.

This is also the formula that the big business used to spread their product.

#2. Delegation of Duties


There is a big difference between a baby–business and a small business.

The analysis above has similar approach to this but a little bit different.

A baby business is a big business in the making.It has the potential to grow into a big business through delegation of duties.

A small business may be profitable but has no potential of growing into a big business.

Differences Between Baby-Business and A Small Business



Small Business                      

Baby Business


Focus on business growth

Focus on peoples growth


It’s a win – loose situation (The owner gain, the workers loose)

Its a win – win situation (Both owner and workers gain)


They use people to grow business

They use business to grow people


They see people as monkeys and pay peanuts since they do only insignificant work

They see people as the most important resources. They pay handsomely, since their people do all the work


They do the important work

They delegate everything except vision and thinking


They work in their business

They work on their business


They consider creating a system unnecessary

They create routine, orderliness & system that can continue without them

John Paul Getty says I prefer 1% effort of others to 100% of my own effort

you delegate everything except thinking and vision. By this you work ON your business rather than working IN your business.

How do you delegate

  • You delegate one task at a time – once mastery is gained, you give another task and so on. You do this by explaining the job description and key result areas.


  • You encourage them when they make an error – since every human being is bound to make a mistake, you have to encourage them and explain in details and tell them how the result will look like when it is accomplished


  • You delegate 100% of the work – you make sure you delegate all the task but one after the other. Delegation takes time since the person has to familiarize himself with the job. A job that is meant for everybody is done by nobody.


  • You trust and believe in people – He who mistrusted the most must be trusted the least. Most of the things we are boastful about can be accomplished by people more perfectly if we show them the description. There are no bad soldiers under a good general.


Here is the challenge

The hardest thing about business is working with different kind of people, inside every soldier is a hero . It is the leaders job to bring out the hero that lives inside them. He must study human psychology since human being can be very stupid at first.

But the good news is that;statistics has shown that 80% of people are honest, if you can keep your word. The most important aspect is you. Are you sincere?

If you are good you will always see good people to work with although, there is no doubt , that some few bad eggs will be among.

Your job is to manage the good ones and remove the bad ones.

The best talent is the one that recognize and bring out the talent in others.

Leadership is not a popularity contest; it is a job of inspiring others to become leader.

Leader who develop people Add while leaders who develop leaders multiply.

This you must know.

The owner takes the most risks and pays himself last because he’s in business to build an asset that will out live him. He must grow people that will in turn grow his business.

Only people appreciate, other assets depreciate in value, so, if you want to invest you have to invest in people.

You must imbibe democratic style of leadership in order to have a team of winners.

The job of the managers is to get things done through people.

Leaders do the right thing and managers do things right.

#3.Tripling Time Estimate

Everything takes longer than your best calculation. Another sub-law is “Everything costs more than you can possibly anticipate in advance”. In minimizing risk in any venture Brian Tracy ( a commanding authority in leadership and self development) suggest that you take your very best estimate of break-even for your business and then multiply it by three to arrive at a more realistic number.

Add 20% to the total cost; Always add a “fudge factor” to account for the degree of uncertainty. Whenever you want to do a business plan, always add 20% to the total of all costs you can identify to come up with a more realistic cost.

Anything less than this, whether in business or your personal life, is likely to be an exercise in self-delusion.

Be realistic- Every successful entrepreneur that has achieved high level of success are planner. They are always realistic about life and business. They look for every possible risk and formulate a plan should it occur. They minimize risk by continually questioning their assumptions and asking themselves what they would do in case things do not go as they wish.

#4 Leverage:


This is the key, it sums it all. It is an old but proven technique employed by smart people to make money in record time.

Leverage comes from the word “Lever”. You remember in physics when we are taught mechanics. It is a machine that is used to push something of large kilogram that ordinary hand cannot push. e.g Car jack, Engine block crane. Leverage means working less and achieving more.

Since inception of the world, humans have always sought new and lighter forms of leverage naturally. A person with a blender has more leverage than someone with bare hand to grind pepper. This can only be true if he knows how to operate a blender very well.

Technology is a tremendous tool of leverage but it also depends on what it’s used for because a tablet’s purpose to a seven-year old boy is just another gadget to play game.

Leverage simply means machine which can be define as a tool that makes work faster and easier to do. Human being is not an exception. You can either employ other as a machine or allow yourself to be used as a machine by others. I think that is what leads Robert Kiyosaki in Retire young to the saying “people who only work hard have limited leverage. If you are, then you are someone else leverage”.

Forms of Leverage


a. FINANCIAL LEVERAGE: This is a form of leverage whereby people are used to make more money. People that depend on physical & mental effort dominate this category. These are skilled, unskilled and semiskilled labor. The capitalist appropriate either their time, effort & money to make more money.

Examples are:

i. Other peoples’ time: this is a form of leverage that employ the time of people in other to create an asset faster and make it bigger and more valuable. Since there is only little you can accomplish by yourself, and cannot succeed alone. You must embrace this form of leverage.

This come with the ability to delegate task effectively and tap into the emotion of people. Give them reasons to work for you. The reason must be theirs and not yours.

Everybody’s favorite station is “WIIFM” – What’s In It For Me. We all have 24 hours to trade with everyday. Out of this you will have to sleep at most 8 hours (some people use more than that any way), 8 hours for work (officially) and the remaining 8 hours for Leisure and unofficial activities.

Now tell me how do you make financial breakthrough alone with this? More so, many people’s moment of Awareness is late due to our Education system. This must validate to you that you need to take from other peoples’ time and reward them in exchange for their time. Remember the “Max Theory”

ii. Other peoples’ Money:

The reason most people do not get rich quicker is simply because it is their money (saving held in bank) their time labor (as cure job) that the rich are using as leverage to acquire and create the asset that makes them rich”. – Robert Kiyosaki.

In order to be financially freer you need to know the difference between Good debt and bad debt, Good expenses and bad expenses

Careful consideration must be made here, you must be sure of the business you want to use other people money for. Is it a debt that will pay for itself through other peoples’ time or a debt that you will still have to toil for?

Because other people’s money in a simple Grammar Means “LOAN”. Is it a loan that will be used for good expenses or bad expenses. Refer back to our article on

“An Open Letter ToEntrepreneur That’s Seeking Bank Loan”

iii. Other peoples’ effort:  This is similar to the one above. Its synonymous to other peoples time because it’s their time that will be converted to energy then to effort and later to money.



This is a form of leverage that uses other forms apart from human to accomplish a task. If a machine will do a work perfectly than people and its efficiency is high. Its your duty to buy it.

We cannot help but follow technological change. It’s either we are victim or victor of change. The rate at which things are moving is at an astronomical change.

A machine can produce ten times what the multitude can produce. Except if you are in some industries that require human effort. Atypical example the gadgets we use nowadays. It has been so easier to communicate than before.

Also, try to always use outside contractor for everything you do except your core skill.


As human being, we have mountains of strengths and valleys of weaknesses. We are just like a machine. We work when we are strong and rest we are weak. That’s why the segmentation of 24hours has been 8 – 8 – 8 which is 8 hours for work, 8 hours for rest and 8 hour for leisure

To do more than this in between the three is to cheat nature which can later result in worn-out of the body. There are four personal leverage for human being.

They are; Health, Time, Education and Tools.

Health Our health is our greatest leverage. He who work till he’s sick will have to rest till he’s well. The world belong to the energetic as the popular saying goes. Health is Wealth they say but wealth is not health. Don’t loose your health in search for wealth because if you do, you will soon spend your wealth on your health

Time This can be our greatest friend or foe depending on how we utilize it. Instead of wasting it why can’t you invest it. Time is nobody’s friend, the quality of your life is directly proportional to how well you manage your time.

Where and what you are today is the direct result of how you spend your time in the past. Where and what you will be tomorrow will depend on how you utilize your time now.

Your future is determine by what you do today and not tomorrow. Manage your time well by employing other peoples time.

Education:This is the tall order of the day in our society today. Wisdom knowledge and understanding are what contribute to meaningful education. You gain this by acquiring the four forms of education which are

  • Formal Education

  • Informal Education

  • Non- formal Education

  • Financial/Self-Education

The most important is the last one as the other there are obvious and crowded.

The earlier you imbibe it, the easier it is for you to leverage the education of others.

Is that not what Dangote do?

Tools:These are also forms of leverage, but it has been summarize into the post. Always use your God-given tools to make head way in life. You are a unique being; God cannot create you and want you to suffer – Its impossible. He has given you tools to use, you just have to find it.

The obvious ones are space, energy, intelligent, matter, Wisdom. All these are dormant, it is your job to activate it. Remember the life contest before pregnancy. If you can succeed millions of cell into this world, that means you can succeed in this world. Just wake up from your slumber.

Don’t live a life of cynics and fools. A cynics reality does not let anything new in and a fool’s reality doesn’t have ability to keep foolish ideas out.

Don’t forget that your future is determined by the intelligent steps you take today and not tomorrow because if you want a healthy teeth tomorrow, you brush your teeth today.

Doing business and succeeding in it is easy, it only requires the right knowledge. One may now be thinking that he is so occupied, there is no time for him.

If you so desire it, you will surely make it. If there is strong enough “Why” the “how” will come. God gives every bird worms but he will not put it in their net.

You can get rich by managing your time well. You can engage in business at your SPARE TIME. There are many businesses out there that are virgin waiting for you to tap them.

Instead of whiling away time on unproductive activities like watching season film, socializing on social media etc. why can’t you use that to do some part time business like online business MODEL, Network Marketing, Fish farming and so on that do not require 100% of your time.

Many successful people I have read about became rich in their spare time. Hewlett-Packard, ford motors starts in a space in garage, dell computers starts in a dormitory room.

Get away from the killer affliction called procrastination because the real magic in any worthwhile business is to start.

Shall we.

Let me hear your view.




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