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5 myths To Break As a Freelance Writer to Succeed Online.


You want to break the myths to succeed as a writer right? Then it’s possible. Many successful professionals have broken the jinx in the past and you too can. But it’s easier said than done. According to a wise saying, ‘the world is full of people who are waiting for someone to motivate them to be the kind of people they wish they could be. The problem is that no one is coming to the rescue and they wait forever’.

Time waits for no one. You either use it or lose it, you can’t escape the two.

Your job, freelance writing, is hard. Yes, it should. If not, every tom, dick and harry will do it and you’ll soon be out of business. Hard job is reserved for the very best in every field. There’s no money online except for the best players. If you want to break the yoke, you need to take action. Action changes things. Strategy is good but execution is everything. Result and rewards are what count.

If you want to increase your productivity as a writer and get more done in less time, here are the steps to take.

  1. Set a writing goal: 80% of achieving anything is to know what it is you want to achieve. To achieve your goal, you have to set it at first. Set a smart GOAL. Your goal should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Time-bound. A smart goal can be “I want to write 5 blog posts in the next 10 days”. Writing something down clarifies your mind. Writing something of this nature enable you to generate resourceful and workable ideas. You create something you can see and touch. The starting point of success, even in freelancing, is Goal.

  1. Do something every day in the direction of your goal: setting a goal is not enough; you need to back it with execution. As they say, execution is everything. Success is the progressive realization of worthy ideal. To go up, you have to move on. Of course, you cannot do everything but you must prioritize yourself. Always start your day with the mindset of making the most out of it before bed. Have a divestment strategy. Determine time-consuming activities that contribute little or nothing to your life, that you lose nothing by leaving such thing and systematically reduce them. This will free your hand more for most important things. Any activities that do not help will hurt.

  1. Measure the ROI: always ask yourself this simple but powerful question. ‘What’s the best use of my time right now?’ Then ask this follow up question; can I pay someone a cent for doing what I’m currently doing now? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right path. If not, such activity is a subject of extinction. It’s a complete waste in return on Investment (ROI) of your time.

Time management is really life management. Life is not a measure of how far but how well you fare. There’s no point in trial and error when there’s strategy to succeed and within reach. Success is simpler than you think. It’s almost copied and paste, copy what works and apply it to your life. Simple!

  1. Set your Priority And Posteriority Well: The problem with many of us is, not knowing the distinction between what matter most. You need to apply the law of excluded alternative by prioritizing yourself. You are a writer says Jeff going. Your job is to write and ensure you craft a great career out of it. Priorities are things that are important and in line with your objectives while posteriorities are such activities that’s not relevant to the goal at hand. Your job is to drop such low-value activities to achieve result


  1. Don’t wait, just do it: You remember the slogan of Nike “just do it”. Don’t wait, start where you are with whatever tools you have at your disposal and better tools will be found as you go along. Problem with most unproductive people is that they are waiting for the time to be ‘just right’. Waiting for perfect time is to wait forever. There is never enough time to start but there’s enough time to do the most important things if we’ll but utilize it well.

To cap it all

Good is the enemy of great. Perfection like excellence can never be truly met. Online success is a journey, not a destination, as you work more, you’ll see a lot of improvement in your work because of the steps you take. The bad news, however, is that, if you set the goal and do not act, the time will pass and you’ll still be where you are. Don’t let this happen to you.


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