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Nov 08

5 myths To Break As a Freelance Writer to Succeed Online.

  You want to break the myths to succeed as a writer right? Then it’s possible. Many successful professionals have broken the jinx in the past and you too can. But it’s easier said than done. According to a wise saying, ‘the world is full of people who are waiting for someone to motivate them …

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Oct 04

9 Steps to take to avoid writers block

image credit: iconmac at It has happened to every writers/blogger online at one point or the other. It affected many blog owners to the exclusion of abandoning their site until it drowns on the search engine pages. But those who are successful in blogging keep up publishing more in-depth article and content. What’s their …

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Feb 20

Top Actionable Tips To Meet Up With Niche Competitors In Record Time

  It has been said that all you need to make headway in any field you found yourself is an Idea that’s 10% new. Competition is beneficial in market. It enables us to know how we fare in such market. It also shows that there are more people needing such service/product – there’s demand in …

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Feb 16

Can I be your Designer?

I want to be your designer; I want to help you out on your designing Activities. Yes, because I love helping people out in their various calling; just like a helping hand. Am not talking about website design now, I’m talking about graphics. Yes, graphic design If I have the time later I can help …

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Feb 15

Meet Kozzi Images; The Home of Stunning Images.

As the popular saying goes A picture worth thousand words. An article with a picture sells five times faster than its ordinary counterpart because the nerves that connect the eyes to the brain is 25 times more than that which connect the ear to the brain. That is why what you see is what you …

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Feb 08


  Some men see things as they are and say “why”. I dream things that never were and say “why not” – Robert Kenedy. George Bernerd Shaw says a reasonable man tend to Adapt his environment to himself while the unreasonable man tend to adapt himself to his environment. Therefore all success belongs to the …

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Dec 24

The Ultimate guide to start a freelance business on freelance bidding sites.

  So you have been dreaming of starting an online business as they flaunt about it for you but to get started is the basic problem. You need a firsthand content about making money online as either a part/full-time online marketer; you’ve gone through the search engine to get basic techniques of making it online …

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Nov 13


Where there is a will, the way can be found. Do you know my greatest fear in life? It is the fear of the unknown. Everybody has a certain degree of fear in life .We step out everyday in faith to substitute our fear. The commonest diagnosis that has kept millions in bondage of in …

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Nov 13

Introducing Website Magazine; My Favourite Online Magazine

If you have been struggling to make a head way in online world, then website magazine is for you. Late last year someone introduce the magazine to me since he knows that I am an online marketer. I signed up through his site and since then they have been dishing out good content for me. …

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Jul 28

Effective Tips TO Grow a Profitable Business; An Asset to Gun to the Head Approach.

  In the last post, we talk about the man with the gun. If you have not read it, go and read it here    Assuming someone pointed a loaded gun on your head now and tell you that “I will pull the trigger if you don’t succeed in that business’’, I’m sure your brain …

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