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9 Reasons why Growing a Reserve is Like Growing An Awesome Tree

awesome tree




Someone is sitting under a tree today because someone once took the pain to plant it long time ago (warren buffet)

Nature uses many medium to communicate with us. do you normally observe that? Am sure you do. The eclipse of the sun, the fair weather. Day & Night, summer & winter, Domestic animals, wild animals, the plants etc.

Trees are not exception

If you study the plant Growth very well, you will realize how fantastic the growing is.

Tree takes years to mature and shrub takes month. Our goal here is to take a cursory look on how tree grows and aligning our financial interest on how to grow external reserve that in turn grow us.



#1.  Money Grows on Trees of Patience:

To grow a tree, it takes decades and not month. perseverance is the key to prosperity. It is not a long race at once, it is many short, intangible races one after the other. When we plant a seed, we nourish it by water, sunlight and manure and it grows little by little until it becomes a great tree that can withstand any weather.

Wealth is also built this way. We can get rich, but we build wealth. As the popular saying goes that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago and then next best time is now. This means we supposed to get rich earlier; this is helpful for those that are born with silver spoon. But if you are born and reared in squalor the next best time is now.

#2.  The Most Important Part Is The Seed:

The great Oak tree grows from a tiny acorn. A reasonable farmer will clear the land, plant the seed and closed it. Take a deep look into watching it and have believe that there is time for everything in life. Rather that planting the seed. You start by saving money.

The ideal approach is saving at least minimum of 10% of your income every month. This law is universal; it is embraced throughout the world.

He is not save that cannot save

Instead of digging the land you open a savings account with your financial service and give a standing order for the deduction or you write a post-dated check in form of that money to get transferred to the account. This is an automatic account that should not be tampered.

#3.  The Tree That Will Survive Any Weather Is Slow In Growth: 

Solomon Gabriel said

The first step in acquisition of wisdom is silence” likewise every natural growth is slow.

To build a giant tree you plant the seed and closed the soil.

In this case, you open the account and closed your mouth. Rather that offering a lip service to your friends and relatives with new savings plan that may later hinder the growth of your reserve, you focus on the growth.

The end of tunnel is the beginning of Rainbow. If you later widespread your savings plan with people, the result you get is just the expression in their face. They may either praise you for being smart or they chide you for being foolish. Save your savings the horror.

#4.  The Tree That Will Survive Will Be Devoid Of Weed:

We all know what weed is right? They are enemies to the plant.

Not long from the inception of the new plant do the weed come uninvited.

A reasonable farmer must love his plant and hate the weeds. The weed comes in form of different insect: Ant, termite, algae etc. They are prey to the plant.

They are as deadlier as a snake to a little child. Rather than looking, the farmer will use high concentrated chemicals to weed them off. He must formulate zero tolerance on this or his effort proves abortive.

In your own case you do away with problem prone people, clever borrowers, money grubbers. You formulate a zero tolerance policy on natural borrowers. You are doing them good by not borrowing them now because if the money mature; you will have the capacity to help them more in future.

#5.  The Tree That Is Slow To Grow Bears The Best Fruit:

Prime minister Lee Kwan yew of Singapore turn around the wealth of their country on the platform of growth.

If you know history, it was said that their farming empire which account for 80% of their wealth started from a seed of palm that was collected from the institute of Agriculture in Nigeria. That was all they have and the rest is history.

Look at it this way: Bank has their savings as capital base. It is on these bases; they are allowed to operate as a credible financial institution. Company has theirs’ as sinking fund. A company that has no sinking fund is bound to sink. Country has theirs as external reserve. A country that keeps a reserve will be served by others who don’t.

If this is applicable to them, why is it not application to you. You are Mr. ABC PLC which represent a family and you have many things that will be a question that only money can answer. Why won’t you afford to build it?

#6. The Phloem & The Xylem Chambers.

Those are conduit pipes that allow the inflow and outflow of food, water and nutrients. Tree grows by allowing nourishment to go up by one clamber and food to flow down by the other chamber. It also allows water vapor to escape through the tiny holes in the bark of the tree. It retains only what it needed for its existence.

In this case, you give out 10% of your money to charity cause you believe in. You purify your reserve by helping people that you can in your own way within your capacity. This will be helpful in order not to buy the guilt of miserliness or stinginess. Guilt wearies the soul.

#7.  The Tree That Grows To Maturity Yields Multiple Fruits.

Of course when the tree grows to maturity stage, it bears thousands of fruits which in turn has many seeds that will be beneficial for further growth. These fruits are the grand children of the seed. The farmer now has the rest of mind to harvest fruits annually.

This means that, when your reserve grows to certain stage it reach the point they call compound Interest. This is a stage where the money multiply itself geometrically. It’s not in linear sequence, it’s exponential. As Napoleon Hill was once quoted that


The greatest miracle is the miracle of compound Interest.

The capital will sprout to the extent that the interest will be enough for you to live on.



#8.  The Tree Provides Shade For The Family:

As the tree grows, it has many branches that serve as shade for the farmer and his family. They can then sit under it and enjoy, relax, play etc. without any hassles. Likewise having enough reserves serves as shade for the family, nothing can depreciate the money not even inflation let alone devaluation.



#9.  It Gives Opportunity For Further Growth:

A farmer that wants more must do more since he now has many seed to sow. He can then extend his planting by growing more awesome trees and get multiple fruits. He follow the same procedure and process like he does in the first tree. Saving is half battle of life, what do we do with the money we have grown. Invest  it , simple!


How do we now  invest?

Since a fat bank account soon empty if there is no continuous regular refill, it is not hard to save as to know what to do with the savings. You invest in what you know, where you are sure about. It is better not to have money and be planning what to do than thinking of what to do when the money arrives. Ignorance begets fear knowledge Dispels the fear. After all when you are growing the money there is a work you are doing.


_          You invest where you are sure about:

Don’t invest in a trade you know nothing about. A safe credible business is better that a fat risky ventures.

_          You invest in a trade that begets it; where you have most skills

_          You invest with patience; you cannot sow and reap the same day

_          You have a long term goal in other to keep up from being frustrated by short                 term  failure



According to Robert Kiyosaki, Everybody living is in one of four quadrants.

 kiyosaki model

Either you are an employee, self employed business man who is also known as specialist, big business owner or an investor. 80% of people living are in the left quadrant i.e. E & S and are in rat race while only tiny fraction which equivalent to 20% or less are in the right quadrant which is B & I. The B & I are the gladiators. The dictators of the economy. They are those that passed the awesome tree exam. It’s not too late for the E & S. The logical thing is to start & keep moving.


Benefit to Employee

  • It grants serenity: Peace of mind is essential to the upliftment of our Job. You can never see an employee that has reserve that will not work with gusto. To feel confident is to feel competent at work.

  • Safety net for the family: since there is no more Job security in the business place. Anything can happen to the current organization you work with or they can relief you of your employment any moment from now. The most stupidity is to assume nothing bad can happen. So far the sit you occupy is being left by someone else. What will happen to your family?

  • Freedom from self-imposed servitude & slavery: It’s good to start up as an employee. Nothing is bad in being a worker. It’s a good place to start up but not a good place to end. Resignation letter is far better than retirement letter. How do you resign or retire from service comfort if you don’t have enough reserve.

  • Opportunity to start a venture: No employee can become a Billionaire except he steals or has an investment. The latter is beneficial due to law of karma. There is no best time to grow that Awesome tree than when you are still working. When the time to spend money has come, the time to save it has gone. Also, when the time to invest money has come, the time to work for it has gone.


Benefits to Self – Employed People.

As a self–employed business owner, we all know that profit is better than salary.

But self–employed still have to work in his job. For how long will you continue to be employing yourself into your job?

There will come a time when you will no longer be able to work at the rate you are working now. what are you providing for that time?

More so, the rate at which job is changes these days are astronomical. What is relevant some years back might not be needed again due to factors like competition, technology, government policy etc. In other to be a master of these changes, you need a growing reserve, this will help you to.



  • Have opportunity to explore: Of course you need expansion of your business, you need more hand, There is a limit to capacity of work you can do by yourself for people. It cannot grant wealth, it can only make you rich.


  • Ability to go against loan: A man in debt is caught in net. He that always go for loan will be left alone. The reason why you need a loan to expand your business is because you don’t have a growing reserve. If you use your money to do your business it works for you. If you use other people’s money it works against you.


  • Opportunity to migrate to the right side of the quadrant: As we have said that the left side is polluted by the rat race. In other to leave the race and being in control. A growing reserve will be necessary.

  • It will give opportunity for becoming a big business owner or an investor. Then you don’t have to employ yourself before money comes in. You make money from the effort of others.

For how long will you continue to work for the rest of your life? Workers in some part of Nigeria has not been paid for the past 6 months now and the effect is shaking the economy.

Today’s decisions are tomorrow’s realities.

It is either you are in control or at the mercy.

The latter is always brutal.

If you have not been doing it before it’s never too late.

Remember it’s better late than never and the only limit to the realization of our goal is the one you placed on your own imagination. Let us move with strong & active faith towards financial freedom.

Always ask yourself these Mundane but logical question


  • If you don’t work for 3 months from now, can you live without any credit?

  • If you are relief of your job today, for how long can you live?

  • If your regular salary is no more regular again, how long can you live before getting another job?

This life is not a rehearsal ground for another one, it is the real life. Our main duty is to live it well.

But without money do you think we can live it well?

Let me hear your view jare



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