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Can I be your Designer?

I want to be your designer;

I want to help you out on your designing Activities.


because I love helping people out in their various calling; just like a helping hand.

Am not talking about website design now, I’m talking about graphics.

Yes, graphic design

If I have the time later I can help you out on your website setup, design & building.

If you have been following my post for a while, you will realize I’m a product of excellent work and a fan of awesomeness.

Because I hate botch, Brevity is good if its well packaged.

Permit me to tell you a little story about myself and my business.

When I want to start up my tutorial college business, I was a little naive about marketing, since it’s a new business, there is a need for massive marketing to get this known in the environment.

I decided to do a handbill and design a poster.

The problem I face then is short of fund so far many overhead has driven away most of the cash. I started with handbill production. As a first timer, I did an A5 portrait handbill of 5000 pieces and share it in the environment and schools.

The result was amazing.

The amazing part is that we get no students. Nobody patronize us.

As an ambitious entrepreneur, I don’t give a damn to temporary defeat. I never will.

I went ahead to try Poster of A2 Size maybe it can create more impression if they paste it.

I do 500 posters and paste it around. Some weeks after, the result was awful. It was all to no avail, the effort was in vain as it only bring 2 students.

Ignorance Might be the Problem

I sat down to analyse the cause of the problem, I realize many factors but the most obvious one is “Poor Design”. Anything design with no effort is generally take without pleasure.

The person that design it do not use catchy images and stunning color that can drive attention to the advert. That’s why we have poor result.

Fast forward till today, the rest is now history as we are proud of many students during our first Jamb class due to improvement in our advert materials.

Success in any calling depends on three things. They are:

*          Personality

*          Tools

*          Marketing

Lets take them one after the other.

*          Personality: Many people would have succeed if they stick a little to their calling. They quit a step to their triumph. Success in any field depends on individual and not the environment. We have seen many example of this, in rich country we have many poor people. Conversely, in many poor nation we have rich people.

In the same vein, success depend on the person and not background, education or school he went to. As we have many educated derelict in the society today. There’s a population saying that “The white pap emanated from the dark pot”. If success were to be the result of background, many successful entrepreneur today would not have reach the stage of limelight as most of them come from humble beginning.

The person that succeed are the lion hearted people, highly determined; that cannot be cajoled individual; who believes he can.

*              Tools: This is the integral part of every successful entrepreneur. The quality of work depend on the level of tools used by individual. Tools are machine used in carrying out good work. The level of tools depend on the level of information one has access to.

A farmer that uses tools gets more result than an arable farmer provided he knows how to use the tools in the right way.

A teacher that uses marker board writes better, easier and faster than his chalkboard counterpart.

In the same vein, the lecturer that uses projector delivers more effectively and efficiently than marker board writers.

Anybody that will succeed in any calling must sharpen his tool to get optimal result.

Technology is more easier now than before. Memory card, flash drives, websites has render cassette, CD disk, more useless since you can put thousands of music, videos, recording seminars into a memory card without pilling up a hard copy.

It has been completely digitized through Nano-technology.

That’s an example of good tools.

The CD & DVD sellers maybe complaining of no sales because they refuse to upgrade.

Example of tools are. O.P.E:other peoples effort, there is little you can do for yourself by yourself, technological trend, up to date materials are the minimum requirement in your field

*       Marketing: Excellence is a product of awesomeness. The good news is that excellent work will always sell itself. Intensity defeats extensity, quality always wins over quantity.

To market more of a product you need to always put more in used value than what you take in cash value. If you make more meaning, you will make more money.

Many people have wrong impression about marketing. When I started up in business I also falls into this category.

The fact about business is that 80% of sales success comes from excellent work and referrals from someone that has already use the product before and has been satisfied with the product.

All other forms of advert is just an attempt to get people to try the product or service so that referral advert can begin.

A typical instance is the social media that we enjoy today. The product sells itself since its useful to everybody e.g.Facebook, Google, Yahoo, WhatsApp.

Their product has improved our live in some way by making things easier than before.

In every field, we have two types of people they are: Expert and Amateur.

Experts: These are master of change in their choosing niche. They are expert because they sets themselves apart and are always awesome.

They are aware of changes every time and they are extraordinary people.

Everybody can be an expert but it’s not everybody that will be an expert because not everybody can take the pain to do the needed climb.

The experts are ordinary people with extraordinary determination and flawless ambition.

The difference between expert and laggards is simple; they do more than they are paid for.

If you do less than you are paid for, then there is no reason for you to be paid more.

Experts do their work extremely well, they do three things; they wake a little earlier, work a little smarter and stay a little later.

Always put professionalism in everything you do, remember they have what we call “Active power consciousness which comes from “learning Consciousness”.


They are the majority of people in the bottom ladder of every niche. They are always the victim of change. Most of the amateurs quit before their triumph and are satisfy with average or middle result. That’s why they are in middle class.

You would have seen a case of such in entertainment industry. Some artist release one album and relax; before they know, others overtake them.

They are amateur because they don’t take learning more about there profession very seriously and end up contented with less due to “Inactive Power Consciousness”.


The good news is that everybody can move from amateur ladder to the professional caliber. It only require the winning edge concept.

Winning edge concept says “Small different in ability leads to enormous difference in result.” Pareto principle is also applicable to this situation which says the top 20% of people in every field make 80% of profit available in that field.

In the same way, the top 20% of the top 20% which equals the top four percent make 80% of the money of the top 20%.


Assuming we have 100 people in any profession. You will observe that only 20 of them will earn 80% of the money available while the rest 80 people will only share 20% of the remaining money.

Likewise, from the top 20 people only 4 of them will earn 80% of the money they generate while the remaining 16 people will share 20% of the money.

If a horse runs in a race and wins only by a nose, It wins ten times the prize money of the horse that loses by a nose. In Olympic, the person that come first is not as fast as the person that came second or third, he is only some seconds faster and take the golden medal.

Likewise in football and entertainment and ………………. just name it.


There are basically 10 golden rule for choosing a career success. It is important we choose our career wisely early in our life. The person that doesn’t know where he’s coming from cannot know where he’s going.

If you don’t know where you are going any road will lead you there and when you get there, you get lost.

Lets Roll


#1.  Specialize in very small niche and develop a core skill: Be a big fish in a small pond and not a small fish in a big pond. This means be the best at one thing and all the money coming into that sector will come to you. Money is distributed to all sector, if you position yourself to be the best in your niche, all the money coming to that sector will be taken by you.


#2.  Choose a niche you enjoy so much that you can do for free but has the potential of monetization. It must be a profession that has high demand in market. Its foolish to be doing what the market doesn’t want all in the name of enjoying it. It’s a great waste of time.


#3.  Choose a niche you think you can excel and stand a chance of becoming a champion. Engage in a niche where you can use your core skill very well and back it up with passion and enthusiasm. Remember you can only have courage and confidence if only you enjoy what you do.


#4.  Realize that knowledge is power- The more knowledgeable you are, the more passionate you are. It is not enough to know a lot about a little you must be ready to know more than anybody else living about that little.


#5.  Apply Pareto principle to your niche- As small as your niche is, it is still 100%. Identify 20% that gives 80% of the result. Go deeper and smaller, focus more on that 20% and know more than anybody about that 20%.


#6.  In any niche 20% of the customer gives 80% of the income. Specialize on those 20% core customers. Specialize rather than generalize.


#7.  Learn from Experts – Learn from the best; the very best. That way you imitate the champion in that field. You should find excuse to spend a lot of time with the best people.


#8.  If possible; Work for the best- The only reason you are permitted to work for people is if you are working for the best in that field and you are learning in the process. It is foolish to work for someone else based on 80/20 law because you will never be rich. But it is intelligent to work for the very best people in your niche so that you will have all the knowledge and go away with it.


#9.  Become self-employed early in your life- According to max theory of excess value, all employee produce what we call excess value and it is appropriated by the capitalist. Before your employer pay you your salary you must have produce four times of the money, if not more than that.

#10.  Use Outside Contractor For every other thing; use outside contractor to exploit it except your own core skill. If possible take advantage of capital leverage.

Excellent is a product of Awesomeness. I can’t reiterate that enough. No matter what you do or any business you engage in, there is always a competitor. What will differentiate you from them is your uniqueness and mastering this golden rule. Remember people will not talk much on your product as they do on the difference it makes.

Doing business is like warfare. Decision in war is always made based on what the opponent is doing or is likely to do. And every successful battle is won under the tent and not on the field because if a thirsty man starts digging the floor to get water, he might die in the process as it might be too late to reach the water aquifer.

The truth of the matter is that anybody can be a designer. You just need great tools. Always find a way to upgrade yourself on a daily basis. By this you join the rank of champions.

P.S. If you need a stunning image and stock photos for your personal use either as a blogger, graphic designer, website designer, multimedia presenters; I have you covered, I have a home where I download the images next to free.


Just wait for my upcoming post, I will tell you more about it.


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