Finance And marketing

Financial problem is the most pivotal issue in the live of business. in actual fact, many business dies before their breakthrough due to finance problem. I remember a popular saying that ‘when money is scarce, crises is high’. many wouldbe successful business miscariage at this point becauce we do not understand the principle that bind money.


Money is the livewire of every successful commerce and industry.

how do you get it and how do you maintain it? or do you think its a paper?


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The rule has never and will never change.

If we agree that money is important, then learning about it is equally important as well.


There are two reasons why we are in business.

To create and to keep customer. The engine room of a successful business still remains MARKETING.

however many marketing tools were not as effective as we wish.

why is that so?                        because we suffer from what we dont know

the only persons that should not market are the people that has nothing to sell

marketing is vrery essential in business place

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