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How To Grow A Profitable Business Model; Gun To The Head Approach.

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If it’s going to be, then it’s up to me- briantracy. 

The reason for venturing into business world will never change.

It has remained the same over the years; which is to create & keep customers.

 Every other thing is commentary.

The business of everybody is business.

The business of product creation, offering goods & services is business.

The more we mind our business, the more profitable it grows.

All fantastic and excellent players keep their eyes on the ball.

If you watch your pot, your food will not get burnt.


It has been said that there are two chief reasons why people do not mind their business                                                                                                                

#1.   Because they don’t have business and

#2.   Because they don’t have mind.

 You need your mind to mind your business.

 If you read very well, you will realize that i’m talking about FOCUS here.


  It’s not really about business success or failure. It’s about the people that want to run the business. It’s about the leader since there are no bad soldiers under a good general.


 Every successful people in all field has a very unique and powerful tools of success.


The tools makes them stand out amidst the multitude and the tools is called



If you are asked to travel to Lagos from Ibadan by foot, your obvious response will be “what happens to the commercial vehicles’’


Indeed you will surely reject it, irrespective of my position.


However, if there is scarcity in the nation, there is no fuel at all and the only option is to trek. You see people travelling on the highway en mass by foot.


I’m sure you will follow them and you won’t know when you will reach Lagos.


Also, if anybody asked you to fast for 40 days non- stop. 


You will surely scream and said why?


Am I the one that crucify Jesus?


But believe me, if you found yourself in a desert devoid of food, you will survive and nothing will happen to you.


Moreover, if a boy is told at his tender age that if he doesn’t become a millionaire by the age of 30, he will die. From that very day, he will start working towards a millionaire even before the stipulated age.


Human being is such a mysterious creature.


We succeed only when we are in pressure and not in pleasure. Things only work out when we reach the stage where we have to burn the bridge and there is no going back. Of course its either we conquer or be conquered, its either we are a victor or victim.


Imagine someone came to your house and pointed a loaded gun on your forehead, and tell you that “If you don’t succeed in that business, I will make sure I put the trigger and experiment your head with this unfriendly gun’’


What do you think will happen?

How will you think on that business?

If there is no strong enough “why”, the “how” will not come.

When you reach a stage in your life where you say its either I do this thing or I die. Believe me, you will not die and you will surely succeed.

Successful people are success conscious while failures inadvertently allow themselves to be failure conscious.




You remember this theory of motivation?

 I’m sure you do. 

It is called theory X & Y.


 Theory X says every human being is hardworking, diligence and intelligent in nature until he is motivated to do so.

Theory Y on the other hand says every human being is lazy until he is forced, coerced, pushed before he work wonders. This implies that everybody has both traits in nature. Successful people in business do away with the latter, since man do less than they can until they do more than they should.

We are just like an elastic material. When we are stretched beyond the elastic limit we cannot come back to the original state.


What are the things that separate the successful entrepreneurs from the laggards will be discuss in the second part of this article.




Remember what we share today.


 Whenever you want embark on anything always have it at the back of your mind and imagine it always. THE MAN with the loaded gun. He will pull the trigger if you don’t succeed.



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