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Where there is a will, the way can be found.

Do you know my greatest fear in life?

It is the fear of the unknown. Everybody has a certain degree of fear in life .We step out everyday in faith to substitute our fear.

The commonest diagnosis that has kept millions in bondage of in action is basically Fear of Failure And Fear Of Criticism

Fear has paralysed many people and kept them in their mental fog of :

what if I fail?

Nobody ever sold them the idea that

” what you are afraid of is also afraid of you”.

Skepticism in line with every new idea is the characteristic of any worthwhile ventures.


It all started some years ago, probably three years, I mean 2012 when I finish school. The last day we finish the final paper was a celebration galore.

An avenue to thank the almighty for seeing us through four years of hitch free university program without being knocked down despite all the turbulence and unending Academic and non-academic staff strike.

I went for service in 2013 as a batch, A corps members.

Glory be to God as we obey the clarion call both under the sun and in the rain.

It was indeed a fantastic experience for one to serve his father’s land.

That wasn’t my problem.

My problem was much more

It has an expiry date.

It’s only a 12 month allowee.


During my service days, i have always wanted to start and build something earlier in other for me to have a rest of mind when I start building family of my own.

I search deeply and found out that online business world will be next turn around of abundant wealth.

Bill gate said

there will be two types of people in business in future. Those that their business is online and others that will soon be out of business.


I think this is the eureka experience.

I said to myself. It will be a great thing to be among the early birds. As early birds gets good worm – you would say. As we are seeing the turn around effect of technology on our everyday activities. It is visible to the blind and audible to the deaf.

 Many e-commerce site, sport betting site, Institution Management software’s, social media, search engines, online radio etc. All of this has made transaction very easy these days.

The Challenges

My problem was not the reality. At least I don’t need any angel to tell me that online business is profitable . It has shown everywhere. My problem is much more bigger. The hurdles are many, the disadvantages is integral because we are in Nigeria whereby corruption is the tall order of the day – Both young and old of Nigerians nowadays has been infected with the virus.


How do I start since it’s not part of the normal school curriculum.

Nobody will sit you down and teach you that anyway. Afterall if the lecturer also knows how imperative the business is, he might not be teaching.

Here are some basics steps I take which i also implore you to also take if you have believe in your God and trust in the power of the unknown

(a)      Readers are leaders

There is nothing you want to become that has not been of concern to many people in the past. Many of them have gone ahead to write their formula in book form.

Someone once said that Nigerian millionaire are crooks; i intend to argue it out until he give me a logical thesis. He said we have many successful people in abroad. Most of them are self-made billionaires like Donald trump. They went ahead to write their formula in books for anybody that is willing to climb the leader of prosperity.

That’s why we have people to model like brain Tracy law, kiyosaki model, dale carnegie, zig ziglar theory.

Why can’t we have something like Dangote’s law, otedola’s law, Arisekola’s law etc. If truly their wealth is legitimate?

I agree with him but after our conversation, I told him that these people are also great because they have contributed immensely to the growth of our economy. Some of them build temples for God, some give alms every Friday etc. let’s even praise them for creating jobs for people around.

My conclusion to him was:

If you want to live long, think less about Nigeria and more about how you can help yourself not to become a liability to the world and to our beloved country.

Professor Wole Soyinka says “When you are claiming your right don’t forget your responsibility”.

Stop blaming the country for not taking care of you, start asking yourself on how to take a good care of yourself.

Stop thinking about what the country will do for you, start thinking about what you will do for yourself and the country.

 If you want a better life start reading books that promise that kind of life and take action. If you don’t knock the answer is always “No”.

(b)      Learners are Earners!

Learning do not end within the four wall of the classroom in real word, you first learn and you remove the (L) and earn. Learners today are earners tomorrow. Learning is the most single perquisite to my successful business.

 In online world, knowledge is the key. I started out my search during NYSC days in 2013 for the way out. I attended many seminars both free and paid, read many articles, Journals, one-on-one hands-on training on how to succeed online.

Let me be sincere with you at this point in other not to betray the trust you have in me.

Many of the training’s were good while some are just crappy written by yet other wannabe internet marketers.

I take this step because I know that he who is taught only by himself has a fool for a master. And the champion that knows many things is the one that needed to learn the most.

 Truly applied Knowledge is power.

(c)      If You Rush In, You Will Rush Out

I remember those days when I will have to trek to the seminar place because the only money left on me is to buy the book. Although they are somehow good book then as a newbie in online business.

But many of the books I don’t need them now since mastery is gained.

Warren once said

No matter how great the talent is; many things just require time. You cannot produce a baby in a month by impregnating nine women”

Growth in life is stages and life is in phases. Never blame the condition and circumstances because conditions will not just be right. Many of the training i gain then help in the clarity of what works and what doesn’t work.

Online world is not different from offline world. Growing the model is like growing an offline business. It thus requires time. This time will help you in seeing the invisible and knowing the impossible. The sweetest part is that it will save you a lot of resources that may otherwise be squandered on a stupid experiment. Take your time to get the needed knowledge, when you are in doubt don’t act; for benefit of doubt.

The truth about luck is that it only favors the prepared. Luck is when preparation meets opportunity and when opportunity comes and you are not prepared, you look stupid.

More so, opportunity is like a moving bus, when one goes another one is on its way coming, even better one. This means the popular saying “When opportunity is lost, it  can never be regained” hold considerable fallacy.

From experience, there are two basic types of people in life:

The news maker and

The noise maker

  • The News Maker:

These are the helpers of the world. They make things happen. If not for them; the world would have been the worst place to live in. They are the target for the noise maker. They are optimistic. They make things happen; they question every assumption as to why things are the way they are. They learn and apply.

The whole world sees them as genius because they make effective use of their time they don’t have time for irrelevant activities that will not take them to their desired place in life.

The people here are very few; they do things differently what qualifies you to join this elitist group?

Reading!  Simple

Sydney Harris says

Books are the broadest spectrum pharmaceuticals in the world. They tranquilize us when we are young, sedate us when we are old, format us when we are infected with the virus of prejudice”. (Paraphrased).

  • The Noise Maker:

This people polluted everywhere. The way to a man’s inner life is what they confess. These people watch things happen. They are always the victim of change. Great minds talks about ideas, small mind talks about people.

They are the carriage for the news maker. They help spread their word without collecting a dime thereby waste considerable time and energy.

This is common among the ordinary people that discuss mundane things because there is nothing to be done and they are actually Whiling Away Time.

I get myself and my life back when is start taking personal responsibility for my life and move from Noise maker to news maker.

The rest is now history.

This analogy gave me the insight to relate it with the sport world which is the tall order of the day. The most popular amidst them is the football game. Although all carries essential characteristics.

For the propagation of this post.You will permit me to relate the three types of people in the world are just like football world. I watch football as well at my leisure.

So no grudges.

There are three types of people in football world

–        Commentators

–        Gladiators/ players

–        Spectators


lets take a look at each of them



#1 Commentators

These people represent tiny fraction in the world of sports, they are the people that gives reports either live or re-show of a match. The station presenter also fits this category.

They are just like the middle class people that are trained on a specific action i.e. to give report. They make their decent living from the news.

Just like in online world, this people are those with little knowledge about business, yet they paid to perform a specific action that aids their boss work.

In offline world, they are the employees that are trained on a specific action. They are into the favor/labor market.

They make a decent living and there is an opportunity for growth. They represent like 20% of the population.


 #2 Gladiators/players

These are the movers and shakers of the match. They are very few. They represent tiny fraction. Very infinitesimal. I think this is where 80/20 rule comes into practice. They are 20% of people that controls 80% of the wealth available in that niche.

They should be very rich and wealthy because 80% of the work lies on them and 80% of the world is watching them.

It is sweet to be in this group. We should strive to be a player in our chosen niche. Be a whale and not minnows.

You can imagine; only 11 people plus a keeper and 5 people on the bench making a total of 17 or approximately 20 people on the field Couple with their opponent making 40. Let alone the officials like the umpire, linesman, coaches etc.

 And the whole world is watching them. Why won’t they make crazy millions, so far the player are few. Likewise in online business, the gladiators are those who put long term into consideration and start by creating meaning and not money.

Google started by creating meaning and not money, Facebook, twitter, linked in all started by doing the same.

They are not into get rich online scheme. They develop it day-in-day-out.

And the difference is seen.

#3 Spectators:

These are the noise makers. They are the empty vessels that makes the loudest noise. They are what I called “Many that makes few rich”.

This place has the highest domination of people. They make the gladiators super rich.

Imagine in Nigeria today, sports world is very lucrative to the extent that many people were making a decent living. Look at a typical Nigerian; A hungry looking youth. he will watch football match with his money, the second day, buy a newspaper with his money, the third day place a bet on sport betting with his money, Argue vehemently about a transfer that will be made on each players with his time and energy.

And at the end of the day, he will say Nigerian is the worst country to live.

Many doors of income is going into the sport world, The local match viewers will subscribe for DSTV which will in turn pay a license to view the match. And people from different countries will go to the stadium and pay for a ticket.

Now tell me are we not their money making secret?

Why won’t they be rich?

Likewise in online world, the more the users of social media, the more popular it becomes and the more advertisers patronizes them; the more advert they do, the more money they make. We know of Facebook advert, Google AdSense etc.

 In every niche and industry, there will always be three basic people. Your job is to analyse the category you are and make sure you move to the best category.

The players are the best.

You can do it, if only you believe you can; because what we have found out about the super wealthy is that “they don’t have two head”.

The 80/20 law is working in action which says less than 20% of people controls more than 80% of the wealth available in any field/niche/country/state/city.

If you wish to join the 20% of people, I have a gift for you that can get you started. It might not answer all the question; nobody has all the answer to wealth creation. That’s why we learn from many sources.

But I have the believe that it will answer some of your question and move you at least a step further in your online business success.

What are the requirements for the free gift; just your name and your e-mail.


And they will be giving you a free newsletter every day that will help you achieve success online.

Wait …… Don’t go to Russia.

Watch out for my next post




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