Jul 11

9 Reasons why Growing a Reserve is Like Growing An Awesome Tree

awesome tree




Someone is sitting under a tree today because someone once took the pain to plant it long time ago (warren buffet)

Nature uses many medium to communicate with us. do you normally observe that? Am sure you do. The eclipse of the sun, the fair weather. Day & Night, summer & winter, Domestic animals, wild animals, the plants etc.

Trees are not exception

If you study the plant Growth very well, you will realize how fantastic the growing is.

Tree takes years to mature and shrub takes month. Our goal here is to take a cursory look on how tree grows and aligning our financial interest on how to grow external reserve that in turn grow us.


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Jul 11

An Open Letter To Entrepreneurs’ Seeking Bank Loan

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Business is constantly and consistently dynamic and in its constant movement seeks the part to prosperity since it’s the only way to survival and increase. As an employee, our dream is always to move out of the rat race and be independent i.e. to gain freedom by going into the business world.

            Is it not ideal?

              of course it is

Afterall every master was once a servant and the earlier the better.

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Jul 11

How Save Is Your Business From Creditors Owing Too Long? ii

credit selling 2

In the last post we share some points about selling on credit. and we said, for us to succeed in business we have to go against selling on credit. If you haven’t read it, go and read it here

Now lets talk about some causes, effect and solution of selling on credit

are you ready?

lets take off

Causes Of Selling On Credit

i- IMPATIENT: This happen when a commodity is becoming too grounded on the shopping floor. We think of how to get away with it in other not to be stucked because its tying down our money. This leads to the buyer sensing the unsecured feeling of the seller.

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Jul 11

How Save Is Your Business From Creditors Owing Too Long?

credit selling


Sometimes doing business can be funny.

Isn’t it?

Of course it is

Not long from when you start a small or medium scale business do problems you never  anticipated begins to arrive uninvited.

Anyway that’s exactly what the entrepreneur do. i.e to solve problems.

Infact problems come to invite change. It is an indispensable tool to any worthwhile progress. I think that is what we are called to this world to do. With every problem solved, we grow in stature, in experience, knowledge and wisdom.

Because of the ugly synonyms attached to the word. Problem has become a bottleneck to many people and they are stucked in their own little world. They count it has insurmountable commodity and they are stalled on the bottom ladder of the pyramid.

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Jul 07

How To Be Smart In The World Of Dumb Employee (part ii)

smart work




In the last post we talk about how to be smart by putting into consideration some infallible laws that has worked for many successful entrepreneur and employee. if you have not read the article you can read it here.

Now lets take off.

If you always do what you have always done, the future will work a lot like the past. For this not to happen, you must embrace CHANGE. like the APC slogan. Lolz

 Change is inevitable in live, it is constant and dynamic. It is a fact of life. In future there will be two people living: those that are victim of change or victor of change. The people that is willing to embrace change as earlier as possible will be the master of change and the people that are not willing to change are on their way to obsolescence.

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Jun 06

How To Be Smart In The World Of Dumb Employed Staff

the science of change 4


Personal effectiveness

Business is consistently dynamic and in its constant movement, it seeks the path to growth as this is the only way to survival and increase.
Success in the business boils down to a proper understanding and management of the relationship between a company and the individuals that makes up the workforce. Now that business has moved to a higher level, for you and your organization to succeed and thrive in the competitive environment, you must acquire the mindset of the 21st century employee.

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