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How To Be Smart In The World Of Dumb Employee (part ii)

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In the last post we talk about how to be smart by putting into consideration some infallible laws that has worked for many successful entrepreneur and employee. if you have not read the article you can read it here.

Now lets take off.

If you always do what you have always done, the future will work a lot like the past. For this not to happen, you must embrace CHANGE. like the APC slogan. Lolz

 Change is inevitable in live, it is constant and dynamic. It is a fact of life. In future there will be two people living: those that are victim of change or victor of change. The people that is willing to embrace change as earlier as possible will be the master of change and the people that are not willing to change are on their way to obsolescence.

This does not mean we should expect a radical change by thinking Nigeria will be like AMERICA overnight. It is a developmental process, a little transformation procedure. This is done by applying the WINNING EDGE CONCEPT that we stated earlier. After all what you need to create the needed change is an idea that is 10% new i.e little improvement on what has already been done.

Every successful Change follows a sequence

a-  NEEDS: A need for change occurs when individuals/organizations are dissatisfied with current PERFORMANCE/NET PROFIT/RESULT. A perceived problem exists in the form of a gap between actual result and the desired result.

b-  IDEA: An idea is a  new way of doing things. The idea may be a model, concept, or plan that can be implemented by the individual or the organization he works for

c-  ADOPTION Adoption takes place when a decision is made to go ahead with an IDEA

d- IMPLEMENTATION:  Implementation takes place when the new idea, technique or behavior is about to be used.

e- RESOURCES:  human energy and technological activities are the needed resources to bring about change.

Remember, change does not happen on its own. It is a fact of life. You must either grow and thrive by embracing change or simply fold your arms, do nothing and decline.



this is number one enemy of change that everyone is guilty of. Sometimes in life when we reach our goal, we will want to have a break, we want to ease ourselves, we want to enjoy a little, rest our active mind and body. This is good for rejuvenation purpose in order to recharge our battery. More often than not this process if longer than required leads to drifting of oneself and peradventure metamorphose into obsolescence. In other to violate this process we must go against our comfort zone as soon as we perceived the problem.

While Job security is not certain in our competitive but less job society. You can create employment security. This is achieved by sharpening your ability to learn and keeping up with the best and the latest idea in your chosen field by following the sequence highlighted above in CHANGE. Do not be satisfied with any achievement, there is a room for more.

b) FEAR:

This is the oldest enemy of success. Fear makes unreal thing happens real. The two major fear known to mankind is FEAR OF FAILURE AND FEAR OF CRITICISM.

Skepticism in line with every new idea is common to all success. Make the habit of confronting your fear. Let your fear fear you. The only person that is capable of stopping you is you.

Do not be afraid to fail or succeed since courage is the mastery of fear and not the absence of fear. Henry ford once wrote ‘failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently’. Even if you fail you will learn from them. Emerson once wrote ‘do the thing you fear and the death of fear is certain’.


grow continuously. If your job is becoming too easy and unchallenging, its up to you to rewrite your job description by making it more challenging if you really want to go far in your career.


Attitudinal restructuring is necessary in everything we do. This will help us know what works and what doesn’t and finding ways to minimize vulnerabilities. This is best done by using intellectual honesty concept/reality principle.


Law of responsibility states that you are responsible for everything you become and achieve in life.

The basic principle of human action is that everything we do is aimed at improving our life in some way. That is the entire essence of all motivation. If you are not moving forward, you are certainly moving backward. You cannot be in between as everything in life is affected by the law of motion. If you are not getting better, you are surely getting worse. Just like they claim now in America that there are only two category of people. The rich or the poor. You cannot be in between. Either you are rich or you are poor.

In other to attain maximum level of responsibility, the following are the steps you must take

I) You aspire to have a good job, you spend your time mostly on pursuing the job by submitting more CV’S, going for more interview, praying more and reading more on how to write a catchy resume, reading pages of newspaper on job vacancy, registering with more recruiting agent instead of whiling away time on unprofitable activities.

In order to take a maximum advantage of this, you have to apply the winning edge concept which says ‘little difference in ability leads to enormous difference in result’.



i) It starts with you. Your appearance matter most. The way you dress is the way you are addressed as the popular saying goes. Your office is not an exception. It must be very neat, the table must be clean and all the file must be in their proper place.

ii) Work SMART- Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Reasonable and Time bound

iii) Benchmark your performance on a regular basis using someone much better than you are in many areas.

iv) Don’t be afraid to take initiatives. Even if you fail you will definitely learn from them.

v- Don’t let criticism prevent you from doing what is right. Rise above them.


Develop a corporate early warning system to spot problems before they become disasters and opportunities before the competitor does.

Remember the customer are the central reason why you created the business, so customer satisfaction must be accorded priority. Rate your organization using the following criteria and make necessary adjustment before the customer does.

SERVICE-_—-How satisfied are our customer

VARIETY—–Are we creative enough to offer them choices.

QUALITY—–How many times do we do the same job before the customer is satisfied

PRICE—-Are they comfortable with our pricing

RESPONSIVENESS— How well do we respond to their needs


This happen everywhere. Sometimes we engage in a discussion or activity that create no value for us or the organization we work for. This will be explained in details later in TIME MANAGEMENT course. But I will just highlight some laws that center on time management for this article to completed.

Law of Timeline– This law states that your ability to act faster than anyone else can be your greatest asset.

Law of Time pressure– This law states that there is never enough time to do everything,  but there is always enough time to do the most important things

Law of planning– This law states that every minute spent in planning saves ten in execution.

Since time is the most important thing you possess, invest it rather than spend it. Engage yourself in activities that moves you towards your goal.

You must refrain from killing time or whiling away time as time thus wasted can never be recovered and there are also lost opportunities to do some needful things.

The difference between high performers and laggards is the way each group uses their time since they both have the same number of hours to work with.

Everything you do from now on matters. You are either adding to your future or subtracting from it. Be careful about what you do. If it doesn’t help you, it will harm you.

Or what do you think?



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