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How To Be Smart In The World Of Dumb Employed Staff

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Personal effectiveness

Business is consistently dynamic and in its constant movement, it seeks the path to growth as this is the only way to survival and increase.
Success in the business boils down to a proper understanding and management of the relationship between a company and the individuals that makes up the workforce. Now that business has moved to a higher level, for you and your organization to succeed and thrive in the competitive environment, you must acquire the mindset of the 21st century employee.

a- You are not an employee of any organisation but an entrepreneur providing services to the organisation you currently served.

b- You are a very important link in a very important chain. It is your job to ensure that the chain remains strong where you are by not being  a weak link.


i- Identify your area of strength and concentrate on those areas in which you can make a major contribution to the organisation.

ii- Continually restructure your activities. Move your resources to higher value activities. Do not waste your resources on activities that create no value for you or the organisation.

iii- decide today that you will dedicate yourself to continuous personal improvement (you are the most precious resources you have).

iv- Always focus on accomplishment rather than activities

v- Continuous learning and improvement are the minimum requirements for success in your field.

vi- keep raising the bar on yourself. How can you better serve your customers today.

vii- see yourself as self employed. Treat the company as if you owned the place.


You are on a salary to satisfy the following criteria.

a- To fill a need and in so doing remain relevant to whoever your client is.

b- To find  a  niche in the company such that you are able to do certain things so well that your contribution makes a difference at all times

c- To identify and understand what you have been hired to accomplish and do everything you can to accomplish it.

d- To get result. To improve, to move the company to another ground. To solve a problem.

e- whatever gets you to where you are is not enough to keep you there. So you need to improve.


The two major sources of value today is time and knowledge. Finding ways everyday to better use them will ensure your relevance in the organisation. As for time, we all have it equally since there is only 24hrs to trade with everyday. The difference between you and the person that is leading you in your organisation is the use of your time.
You either use it or invest it. When you continually ask yourself the question ‘what is the most valuable use of my time right now’? That means you are on your way to effectiveness.
On account of knowledge, books abound around you that you can take and read. I am talking about management books, personal development books, self help books, and many more. Not all those crappy books that will not add value to you or to the organization.

Albert Einstein says : the significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we are when we created them. Knowledge is vital to problem solving. The best way to solve a problem is to improve your learning abilities. No individual or organisation can go beyond what they know. They cannot address  a problem they don’t know exist and cannot offer solutions they have not discovered.


To remain on the path of continuous growth, it is necessary to carryout a realistic assessment of yourself and your career. This is done to unearth areas of weakness so that solution can be found to eliminate them. Reality principle will help in achieving this.
Carry out the following criteria

a- determine the period you want your appraisal to cover in relation to your set target. e.g 3month, 6month, 1year e.t.c

b- gather all relevant facts regarding your life and work during the period

c- be realistic and objective in your appraisal of yourself.

d- Tough question such as the following must be ask and answered correctly:

i- what are my greatest strengths?
ii- what are my areas of weakness in terms of skills or personality traits?
iii- what are the areas of vulnerability in our business and how am I involved?
iv- how can we move to the next level?


The key to continued relevance is finding a niche in the organisation. Remember the law of obsolescence which states that ‘whatever exist is already obsolete’. So if you do your job the same way, you may be on your way to becoming obsolete. Even if you are getting result, there is a better way of getting better result. Discover it by applying THE WINNING EDGE CONCEPT which states that ‘little difference in ability leads to enormous difference in result’. This is otherwise called KAIZEN in japan. It is the key to Japanese competitive success. Improvement comes with regular practice, seriousness and determination at what you do at all times.

Are you having a problem about the principles discussed above. let me hear your view before we move to the second part



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