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The Ultimate guide to start a freelance business on freelance bidding sites.



So you have been dreaming of starting an online business as they flaunt about it for you but to get started is the basic problem. You need a firsthand content about making money online as either a part/full-time online marketer; you’ve gone through the search engine to get basic techniques of making it online and someone whisper the idea of becoming a freelancer as viable and cost effective options to your business success.

Funny enough, the people that beat their chest most on the idea no nothing about freelancing or freelance marketing sites – probably they also hear it from someone else. They know little or nothing about it and you are stucked along the way.


Hey, you want to give up?


Of course it’s not the wisest decision to make. Where determination prevail; the way can be found. This is the real way and today is your breakthrough because I will dish out the best information and walk you through the step-by-step approach to stating your freelance business dream (provided you are patient enough to read to the end).

I advise to fasten your seat belt in other to digest the comprehensive information contained in this article.

The Need to become a freelancer

A 2014 case study reveals that more than 53 million Americans are freelancers which are approximately 34% of the entire US workforce. A similar Study conducted by the European forum of independent Professionals (EFIP), in 2012, revealed that there were approximately 8.6 million freelancers in Europe in 2011, a number that has increased with utmost certainty since the study was published. Also the massive rise in the number of freelancers worldwide has been notable and a report in February 2014 reveals that freelancing is now seen as a highly attractive and lucrative option by 87% of students with first or second class degrees.

With the above propositions, the rise in number of freelancers, the increase in demand for their services is obvious. In fact, it has been predicted in Forbes that freelancers will make up half of the American workforce by 2020. However, the growing trend isn’t just restricted to America alone as it’s slowly and steadily catching up all over the world. Of course bill gate said it right when he submitted that ‘In future, there’ll be two people in business, those that have their business online and those that will soon be out of business’. It’s rightly said due to digital disruption.

Getting Started.

To become a highly paid freelancer like roy robinson, Bamidele Onibalusi, carol tice and the likes takes considerable amount of sacrifice in terms of time, having your personal website and posting there, Marketing (very important), guest posting on big blogs in your niche, negotiating with clients, building brands and integrity e.t.c. It’s not a day job as they say. The easiest and fastest approach to give measurable result is applying as a seller on freelance marketing sites. It cost nothing than your system, time and a little research to deliver the job of a client and you get paid.

What’s Freelance Marketing Sites

In a straight forward definition, it’s a market place where potential buyers and sellers met. Just like the conventional market, if you need to buy a product or get something done, all you have to do is to go to market, negotiate with few sellers to get the best deals and pay for their services. Quite simple.

The same procedure is applicable, but on a more advanced way. If you reside in United Kingdom and need a service from a professional living in North America, will you take a flight? Of course not, Common sense will tell you to negotiate through media available and seal off the deal.

But what if the seller do not carry out your work as expected?

Then the job is gone and money wasted ( a part of your sweat is gone).

That’s why those sites exist as an antidote to alleviate this recurring dilemma.

Freelance bidding site is a digital market place whereby you get things done and earn income from a buyer. For instance, someone needs a service which you are proficient in; you meet on the site (no need for physical negotiation) and bid for the job. He gave you the requirement and vivid description of his job. Then the prospect pays through the market place. The money is not released until you deliver his job satisfactorily, then the buyer mark the order as completed before the money is being released to you. The team serves as an escrow between you and the buyer.

After the completion of the job, the customer is happy, you are happy by getting paid and the sites management is happy by getting fraction of your total sales.

Examples of freelance bidding sites

There are many freelance bidding sites on the internet today where people make fortunes every day. Some of them are: Upwork (formerly O’desk), Guru, Freelancer and Fiverr. Amidst them, fiverr is the easiest from experience freelancers and that’s the anchor point of today’s article.

Benefits of Working on fiverr

As earlier stated, there are a lot of benefits as a freelancer. In fact the world is moving towards freelancing business – because it’s the future of digital marketing. The only limitation to the realization of this is to wait till everything is put in place. Condition will just not be right and there is always easier way out as a starter.


The benefits are endless

#1. You are your Own Boss: You determine the amount of work you want to handle, how to do it without reporting to any boss, The time to complete the job and amount to be charged will be determined by you based on your measurable goals.

#2. You Grow In Knowledge And Exposure: I’ve always advice newbie bloggers to start as a freelancer because that will determine their eligibility of working online. You gain more knowledge and exposure by researching a client work comprehensively before delivery. This will start you strong and boost your skill to compete in this stormy online world because you’ll have been vast and experienced in many areas since the only people that will be in business are the one with the finest tools. You know what works and what will not. In the end, you sail rather than sink.

#3. No Need for Excessive Certificate: So far you are above 18 (although not emphasized), all you have to do is head over to the site and open an account as a seller and start selling. Fiverr do not need any formal certificate or identity to start. You can see how easy it is.

N.B: don’t start yet because there’re some fundamental explanations needed to succeed which I will do in few minutes. If you start prematurely and do not get result, you are on your own.

#4. No compulsion on Website & marketing Materials: If you want to start out as a freelancer, you need a self-hosted website before a client can be convinced that he’s dealing with an expert. In the same vein, you might be marketing for months without any successful record because no integrity to back yourself up as a brand. But with fiverr, you are good to go. They already have hundred of buyers in their marketplace on daily basis wanting to execute their project. All you have to do is just hover to the buyer list and submit your proposal and seal up deal with a client – then work began in progress.


#5. You Can Make As Much As $500: depending on your zeal and determination, you can make as much as 500/month or more. Below is a screenshot of some sellers killing it on fiverr.



Some sellers even confess they make as high as $2000/month. Depending on your goal, you can work on a part/full time basis and make more money that will cater for your bills. Some friends call it side hustle. If you can evaluate how you spend your 24 hours, you will realize there’re some times you use on plain waste. Why can’t you make it productive by selling your expertise and experience since you have been coming this far in life. Time is a convertible resources they say, the quality of your life is dependent on how valuable you use your time.

Step-by-step Approach to Open And Run A profitable Fiverr Account From Scratch.

It’s not my idea to release this post as another ‘bon appetite’ story, so don’t get bored because here’s the meat in the pie; the practical thesis to guide you in your journey to freelance success.

To open a fiverr account, just hover to their site by typing www.fiverr.com on Your system URL. You will see something like this


 Click on join. Afterward, open a new Gmail account or use your existing one. Input your email in the box provided and they will send you a confirmation link in your inbox

( n.b: new Gmail account is preferable for this purpose because of notifications that’ll be coming to your inbox).


Afrerward, input your username and password then click on join, the username is what you will be using on fiverr. If anybody needs a job to be done, that’s the name your gig will display.



Confirm your link in your email address by clicking go to email:




Open your email account to confirm the link in your inbox.



Then it will take you to this place. Click on the link to activate your account like this:



There you are, you just open a fiverr account in less than 5 minutes.

Then head over to the site to complete your profile. You will see something like this



Scroll down and click on Become a Seller


After clicking, it will take you to your profile completion like this:




Fill in the required boxed as highlighted above with relevant information then scroll down again, you will see



On the skill, if you click yes, then you will see something like this





Click on expert and move on to


If you have any academic pedigree to your profile, it’s an addition but if you don’t fill it, it’s not a compulsion


Certificate and portfolio are also not compulsory but if you have, it’s an addition.

Then scroll down and head over to




Upload your profile photo and describe yourself in 150 to 300 words

Then click on this to create your first gig



Before we proceed, there are a lot of services you can offer on fiverr, you will see it at the top of their dashboard if you notice. Clicking on each category will take (a gig is the service you offer on freelance sites with your basic requirement to complete the  job). You can offer more than one gig but not more than seven as a new seller on their platform.

There are several services to offer on the site ranging from digital services, writing and translation, Graphic designs, e.t.c just like the one below.


 By clicking on continue and create your first gig, It will take you to GIG profile. I hope you remember that gig is all about services offered on fiverr.


Gig creation follow this sequence


Then start with the overview.



Fill in the required boxes based on what you can offer

Then scroll down and fill this



Then click on save and it will take you to the pricing page


Warning: Before you start creating a gig, think on paper about what you can offer on the platform. The easiest service that does not require much task is writing service. You can click on that and start creating your gig under them.


Scroll down and fill this as well


As a first timer it’s not compulsory you fill the one below, but if you do, it’s an addition



Then describe your service in the description

N.B: don’t copy other people’s description, if you do you will get banned, you can leave the frequently asked question for now. Your gig is editable, no panic you can come back and put in the required boxes after you have make few bucks



Then tell your buyer what you need to get started like the one below and click on save



After that, upload some pictures to your gig profile. The pictures need not be premium, you can cut one out from google and expand it to the required size or if you are a graphic designer, then you can design a fancy one. But if not, don’t kill yourself.



Click on save and it will take you to the publish page, then you click on publish and it will publish your gig.

After your gig published, hover to buyer request and sent a pitch to request for work. You can send as much as 10 request per day. All you have to do is to be connected all day.

If you have a job to be delivered, you have to deliver on time. After the delivery the seller will rate you base on your performance and vice-versa. Here is an example



To check your fund, hover to your dashboard and click on revenue, it’ll be displayed.

To withdraw your fund, you need either a paypal, fiverr revenue card {known as payoneer}. If you live in countries where paypal is an issue, it’s safer to apply for a payoneer account and get their mastercard. You will then integrate it with your site so that anytime you withdraw, it’ll be directly withdrawn to your payoneer account.

Note: you cannot withdraw less than $20 in your fiverr account balance

Some Points to Be Noted

  • Your fiverr username and password are sacred, keep it in safe place the way you do your private part

  • Having $5 on the interface doesn’t connote all services are $5. In most cases, many work given out on fiverr are as high as $100, $50, $20. Depending on your negotiating power

  • Not all buyers are desperate to take sellers for granted. Some are kind and know sellers worth. Just position yourself and work more with them.

  • Buyers review are very important. That’s why you should do your best in satisfying the customer to avoid negative review (1, 2 stars) because when a buyer landed to your gig, the first point of attraction is the review done by past client,. That serves as testimonial and speaks for your work.

To start your journey, just click on the link below and register following the procedure outlined above. If you have any question, just shoot a message at the comment section below

P.S. I took the pain to write this guide because of wannabe fiverr starter out there. i’m just contributing my own quota to the development of online marketers.  People are making serious money on fiverr so don’t be left out.

P.S.S: You need a good system and a functioning network as a freelancer because you must always be online. However, it’s not compulsory you sit in front of a system all day. If you use android device, just download fiverr application at playstore and sign-up. You’ll be notified when you have client.


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